Entrepreneur Pathways and INCubatoredu Courses Band Together for High School Students

The Philip J. Patiño School of Entrepreneurship opened over a year ago in August of 2015 to a class of 10th grade students excited to be part of a school environment based on technology and entrepreneurship. The school has now expanded to accepting 10th-12th grade students, partnering with several different programs, including Entrepreneur Pathways, Inc.

As an applied entrepreneurship high school, students at Patiño dedicate their high school careers to learning real-world business skills and creating their own companies. Class curriculums focus on project-based learning that fosters real world skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration. Students may choose college or career after graduation – either way, they get to direct their high school education based on their passion.

Patiño has partnered with Entrepreneur Pathways to develop the best mindsets, skills, and tools of an entrepreneur. Instructors at Patiño have experienced the training for The Entrepreneur Journey, an Entrepreneur Pathways program for 10th grade students.

The Entrepreneur Journey answers important questions students need to consider before taking action toward their business goals:

  • How are entrepreneurs created?
  • How do entrepreneurs come up with ideas and decide if those ideas are worth investing in?
  • With a certain idea, how should an entrepreneur capture revenue and begin building their business?

At Patiño, The Entrepreneur Journey and the questions it analyzes is designed to proceed another program where students then begin taking action toward their business goals: INCubatoredu.

With INCubatoredu, 11th and 12th grade students demonstrate their learning through action. They work with a team of visiting coaches and mentors and monetize their passions.

The Entrepreneur Journey and INCubatoredu have been brought together for programs like Patiño to build off each other and make the most out of both curricula, giving students the best education and resources possible. With the mindset and answers brought by The Entrepreneur Journey, and the action taken through INCubatoredu, these students are on the right track to building the best future as an entrepreneur possible.