The 5 Skills of Entrepreneurship – Selling “The Pitch”

This is one part of an ongoing series on In this article, we're discussing the skill of selling "the pitch."

Our program, Entrepreneur Journey, focuses on teaching high school students how to become entrepreneurs. Part of this is learning the skills of an entrepreneur, including selling “the pitch.” Having a vision is important, but it has little value if others can’t understand what the entrepreneur is speaking about. Selling is the art of persuasion, and selling an idea means people will start to believe in your vision.

He Sang To Me

Think of the great Frank Sinatra – a legend with a beautiful voice. After concerts, fans would report that they felt “he was singing to me the whole time.”

The truth is, when Sinatra was asked to sing he gave it his all, and never acted like his performance or a concert was not important. Entrepreneurs must have the same feeling – making their pitches fresh and full of energy, helping listeners feel like the entrepreneur is fully devoted.

You’re Not The Customer

Many entrepreneurs talk about a product or opportunity as if they are trying to sell it to themselves. However, the entrepreneur is not the customer! A successful pitch must align with the needs of the listener.

What problems are your customers facing? Focus on a pitch that will address their needs.

15-Second Rule

Did you know that many of our judgements are formulated within the first 15 seconds of meeting someone? These judgements can change overtime, but the beginning beliefs will start to take root, so you want those first seconds to work in your favor.

Find a way to build interest in your idea quickly. Entrepreneurs find many different ways to do this…it could be presenting a problem people can identify with, or showing an innovative idea.

Either way, don’t forget the goal of grabbing your audience’s attention.