Do You Have The Traits Of An Entrepreneur?

Here on the Entrepreneur Pathways blog we've discussed the five skills every entrepreneur must have, from acting as a leader to selling your idea with a pitch.

Each skill is critical in it's own way, but an entrepreneur must have more than developed skills in order to be successful. Entrepreneurs must also have certain traits to excel at what they do, whether they were born with them or build the traits over time.

What are the differences between skills and traits? Skills are developed through one's effort to build competency, but a trait is intuitive to the individual. It is a quality one has that shapes the way the individual responds to events and activities around them. For example, having the drive to keep going when one is confronted with obstacles is a trait.

Over the upcoming few weeks, we will be posting a new series that dives into each researched trait that helps entrepreneurs become successful, what factors of our lives help us (or stop us) from developing these traits, and the traits entrepreneurs absolutely do not have.

Finally, remember that if you have a passion and strong desire to realize a dream, nothing should hinder you from pursuing entrepreneurship. Many say that entrepreneurs are born, but should recognize that traits can be developed. No single trait or demographic can determine the entire makeup of entrepreneurs and nonentrepreneurs.

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