What Are The Traits Of An Entrepreneur? Part 1

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Our curricula, Entrepreneur Journey, focuses on teaching high school students how to become entrepreneurs. One part of the curricula is devoted to the traits of an entrepreneur. Whether they are embedded at birth or developed as a young adult, you will find entrepreneurs who have specific traits helping them succeed at what they do. 

What are some traits entrepreneurs have in common? 


"A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds." - Francis Bacon

Self-starters do not need to be told what to do. They anticipate the actions they need to take and then execute those actions. They learn to motivate themselves and enter situations looking to solve a problem, even if they do not have guidance. They rely on their own vision and desire to succeed. Entrepreneurs tend to be productive in their hobbies and interests, too.

If you are naturally curious, and have to seek answers to questions in life, you may be a self-starter. If you need not be told to take initiate and complete a task, such as taking out the trash, or doing your homework, you may be a self-starter. 

High Need For Independence

Would you rather be supervised or work alone for yourself?

Entrepreneurs want to be their own boss and have decision-making control over their own career. While these qualities may sound attractive to many, not everyone is comfortable with having a role poorly defined.

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Opportunity Seekers

Entrepreneurs are continually looking for an opportunity. They identify problems and inefficiencies observing and listening to customers and set out to find a solution. They are not fearful of the opportunity.

This behavior may stem from what entrepreneurs were taught as children, or perhaps from a life of "hustling." Entrepreneurs see the world in a different lens than others and recognize opportunities to pool resources in a unique way to address a problem. The behavior can be taught, and is one of the most important traits for an entrepreneur to have.

Did you sell candy out of your backpack? Mow your neighbors' lawns? Collect aluminum cans? If your mind naturally thinks about different ways to make money, you may be an opportunity seeker.


Achievement-oriented people are doers. Their behaviors often include the following:

  • Write a daily checklist of things they want to accomplish
  • Write down 1-year, 5-year, 10-year, and life goals
  • Make note of accomplishments
  • Collect items
  • Engage in role-playing or real-time strategy games to build strong character
  • Play sports
  • Seek good grades

Entrepreneurs usually find achieving the goal of forming and growing a business more satisfying than earning money. They seek goals with moderate risk taking and are results oriented. The rewards come from the satisfaction of achieving the goal.

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