2 Pathway Schools Who Do Entrepreneurship Right

We’ve already highlighted some great entrepreneurship programs at schools on the Entrepreneur Pathways, Inc. blog. Today we are introducing two more programs geared toward innovative high-school and middle-schoolers receiving a hands-on education.

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The Incubator School

Founded in 2013, The Incubator School is a pilot school in Los Angeles that focuses on several different programs including gaming, STEM, and entrepreneurship. The middle school teaches students how to build their own businesses, and was founded as an effort from L.A. Unified to spark innovation in students and give district educators control over their own curriculum, training, and more. The school was founded by Sujata Bhatt, who came up with the idea while working as an advisor for a start-up in New York developing a science application for iPads.

The Incubator School's style emphasizes inquiry and problem-solving and involves students in project-based learning. Entrepreneurial students have taken part in projects like building company websites and logos, running the school's social media, and even creating their own products.

Windward School

Founded in Los Angeles in 1971, Windward School preps students for college through different electives, athletics, and programs. One of these programs focuses on entrepreneurship, with the goal to inspire creativity, innovation, and growth in the students from 7th to 12th grade. The website states, "Our hope is to instill an entrepreneurial spirit so that students embrace this spirit in their life after Windward."

Entrepreneurship at Windward is made up of three programs:

  • Wicked Solutions, an elective that introduces students to the art of identifying and solving increasingly challenging problems in our world. Students get to develop and practice leadership and collaboration skills.

  • Buy it on the Bridge, which provides a forum for student businesses. Events are held for students to sell original creations and learn about marketing, brand, inventory, sales, and more.

  • Bain Consulting Challenge, a five-week program sponsored by Bain & Company where students take on real-life business consulting scenarios. Students conduct surveys, market research, competitive analysis, and profit projections.

The Future is Entrepreneurial

Many are discussing how the days of working one job for a lifetime and receiving a pension are gone for most people. The jobs of today are entrepreneurial -- employees are thinking outside of the box to solve problems and trying to come up with new ways to develop their skills and portfolio. So it’s great to motivate students to learn this kind of mindset and set them up for the most successful future possible.

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