Entrepreneur Pathways Brings Community College Faculty Together in Hayward

Last week, Entrepreneur Pathways, Inc. provided its Community College Entrepreneurship Pathway (CCEP) program to community college faculty around California. The event was hosted by Chabot College in Hayward.

The CCEP program provides faculty with a set of curricula for teaching entrepreneurship, methods for delivering the content experimentally, printed teaching notes and complete set of course materials, and an online portal that can be used by students in the form of an ebook.

The program was split into three days and included presenters Timothy Stearns, Eric Nasalroad, Miguel Colon, and Matt Alanis.

Day One

The first day of the professional development workshop in entrepreneurship teaching started with an overview by Professor Stearns. Two key topics were discussed:

1. Methods for enhancing student understanding of their entrepreneurial ecosystem

2. Building an entrepreneurial mindset and developing skills for the entrepreneur journey

After lunch, attendees were introduced to teaching techniques to help students understand the value of “Big Ideas” and how to recognize opportunities from problems on a daily basis. The day concluded with a 15-second “pitch” on faculty “Big Ideas” and ways to encourage students to improve a vitally important entrepreneur skill.

Day Two

Day two of CCEP focused on entrepreneur finances. Eric Nasalroad of Reedley College started the morning with teaching techniques for understanding one unit costs. This was followed by Idea Feasibility providing a tour of website resources students can use for evaluating a product or service idea.

Matt Alanis of Clovis Community College covered bootstrapping with an assortment of videos to demonstrate the methods used in bartering and finding unique ways to acquire resources without monetary cost.

The final session of the day was led by Miguel Colon of Chabot College on investment capital, starting with crowdfunding sites and how they can be used by students to launch their business.

Day Three

The final day started with a panel of "Veteran" CCEP members who shared their perspective on entrepreneurship education at their community colleges. The Veterans included Gary Graves, Lale Yurtseven, and Patricia Stokke.

What would CCEP be without a lean canvas presentation? Led by Matt Alanis, teams worked hard to distill their idea onto a canvas and make their pitch to the group.

After lunch, it was time for the group photo!

We look forward to seeing many of you at our next CCEP professional development workshop this Fall at Fullerton College!

Program Feedback

“As a high school instructor about to launch a ROC Entrepreneurship program, this conference was invaluable. It has given me both the tools and perspective to teach the subject in a fresh, innovative way… just as entrepreneurship should be!” - Michael Russo, Business Instructor at ROC

“As a second time around attendee at this conference, and as veteran teacher in entrepreneurship, I was very impressed by the new information and interactive format of this year’s CCEP conference. Sharing knowledge and learning from other faculty members in a fun and interactive environment was very energizing and I am ready to go back to class and implement some of the new ideas I have learned about.” - Lale Yurtseven, Business Professor at Cañada College

“I'm confident that new entrepreneurship programs and classes will be started or enhanced as a result of the training. In addition to the training being positive, it brought the local business and entrepreneurship faculty together and I expect those connections will result in additional professional development training opportunities and lots of collaboration.” - Miguel Colon, Entrepreneurship & Business Professor at Chabot College

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