6 Important Health Habits For Every Entrepreneur

If you're an entrepreneur, you probably know how wrapped up your mind can get in the latest task or project. Hours may go by huddled in front of your computer. Or maybe you spend all day on the phone, clenching your jaw and hunching your back.

We understand – you love your new project. However, your health can't decline as a result. With a new entrepreneurial lifestyle, it's more important than ever to keep healthy habits at the top of your to-do list. This way, you can continue to feel good and have the energy to build a successful, lively business.

7 Hours (Or More) Of Sleep

The biggest one: sleep. Most adults avoid being well-rested and try to rely on coffee and adrenaline to keep moving throughout the day. In this case, you don't want to be like most adults.

In order to feel your best, you should be getting about 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. This is more important than usual when you're starting a new entrepreneurial lifestyle, as the fast-paced changes will require energy and keep you on your feet in ways that aren't often necessary for a 9 to 5 job.

Eat Breakfast

Right behind getting enough sleep, eating a nutritious, protein-filled breakfast is also important for being healthy and feeling good for the day. According to WebMD, eating breakfast will improve your concentration and performance at work. And this is outside of the many other long-term physical benefits.

...And Snack In Between

We're all told snacking is bad for us. But this is because when we think of snacking, we think of the typical pretzels, potato chips, and maybe even candy. There are ways to snack healthy, and this is actually a great idea for your day.

Everyday Health discusses how healthy snacks are like slow-burning fuel that help keep you going all day and get rid of post meal sleepiness. Snacks like kale chips, veggies and hummus, and yogurt and fruit are a few perfect options.

Walk – A Lot

Studies have shown walking regularly during the day is necessary for both short-term and long-term benefits. According to The New York Times, walking for five minutes every hour reportedly leads to greater happiness, less fatigue, and less food cravings. These factors ultimately lead to more blood flowing in the brain and a better work ethic.

It can be easy to let time pass in a flash without even thinking about leaving your desk. Set an hourly alarm on your phone, and make sure to follow through.

Keep A Water Bottle On Your Person

If remembering to walk every hour seems difficult, it can be just as tough to remember to drink water regularly throughout the day. However, hydration is key. Authority Nutrition mentions that even mild dehydration can impair brain function, including mood and memory.

If you're running from meeting to meeting, buy a refillable water bottle to take on the go. If you stay at your desk, keep a glass nearby. Staying hydrated can even give you more reasons to take hourly walking breaks...to the bathroom.

Talk With Loved Ones

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely career choice, especially if you're just starting out on your own. You may spend hours a day at the desk without any human connection, and no, discussing business with clients will not make up for the lack of connection with friends and family.

According to HelpGuide, all humans need the company of others to feel and be at our best. This can mean confiding in a partner about your worries, having a lighthearted, playful conversation with a friend over coffee, or even just asking your family how everyone's week is going.

Even with all of the rewards, you may find yourself lost, frustrated, and doubtful during the entrepreneurial process. Hiding away from loved ones will not make this any better. Stay connected with those who are positive forces in your life, and you will be much more motivated to go forward on your own journey.