4 Entrepreneurs Who Are Known For Giving Back

Entrepreneurs are known for turning creative ideas into real, money-making businesses. The most successful entrepreneurs are very wealthy. However, we've said it before and we'll say it again: entrepreneurs are also known for giving back to charity and the communities around them as well.

After all, simply making a ton of money will never fully satisfy an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs want to help others and solve problems. Here are four entrepreneurs from different industries who are helping the world through donations, projects, and foundations.

Bill Gates – Tech

Of course – you can't have a list about charitable entrepreneurs without adding Bill Gates' name. Not only is he known as a charitable entrepreneur, he is known as one of the most charitable humans in the world.

Gates founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to tackle world hunger and poverty and support education, technology, and and science. He also personally donates to educational institutions, including MIT and Stanford.

He is also passionate about taking on global sanitation issues and solutions, which has included drinking a glass of water produced from human feces.

Sara Blakely – Fashion

Sara Blakely is founder of the well-known brand Spanx, but she's given more to the women of the world than body-slimming apparel. She launched the Sara Blakely Foundation in 2006 to help women pursue education and entrepreneurial training.

Blakely's foundation has given numerous scholarships to underprivileged girls in South Africa and donated millions to charities around the world. Blakely herself even donated a million dollars to the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls.

According to the foundation's website, Blakely has wanted to help women ever since she was a little girl...she just didn't realize it would start with their butts.

Tony Hawk – Athletics

Tony Hawk is best known as a professional skateboarder with endless awards and victories, but he is also the founder of skateboard company Birdhouse and owns his own charity, the Tony Hawk Foundation.

His foundation has given more than 3 million dollars to build skateparks and helps low-income areas and kids from underprivileged families. The foundation provides grants, special events, and technical assistance to provide a safe, legal place for kids to get exercise and build community and self-esteem.

In 2007, Hawk also teamed up with many other athletes to found the charity "Athletes for Hope," which aims to inspire people to give back to their communities.

Mario Batali – Cuisine

Mario Batali is not only a famous chef and restaurateur. He founded the Mario Batali Foundation in 2008 to stop child hunger and illiteracy and empower them to chase dreams and create change in today's world.

Batali also aids the Lunchbox Fund, a nonprofit that ensures orphaned and underprivileged children in South Africa are given at least one meal a day. Finally, he is involved with the Food Bank for New York City, which gives meals in the form of soup kitchens, food pantries, afternoon programs, and more.

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