5 Kid Entrepreneurs With Successful Businesses

We've discussed how teaching entrepreneurial habits to our kids is important for their future success in different career paths. However, some kids take it a step farther and have become successful entrepreneurs themselves.

Here are five of those kids.

Mikaila Ulmer

When we see beverages sold nationwide, we probably don't imagine the tasty concoctions were created by an 11-year-old. But that's what makes Mikaila Ulmer so special.

Mikaila founded Me & the Bees from her grandmother's 1940s flaxseed lemonade recipe at the incredible age of four, and has presented her business at youth entrepreneurial events since.

One of the best parts of Me & the Bees is that it focuses on saving the honeybees, a dying and important species for Earth.

Learn more on the Me & the Bees Twitter here.

Cory Nieves

In 2010, six-year-old Cory Nieves decided he didn't like riding the bus and wanted to save up money to one day own a car. He began selling hot cocoa in his hometown, and after some success, he began selling cookies and lemonade. Thus Mr. Cory's Cookies was born.

After taking a wagon cart around town to sell cookies, the business grew so large that Cory and his mom (the COO) had to move operations into a commercial space.

Today, Cory is working to win FedEx small business grant money so his cookies can be shipped to consumers' front doors, making the business more successful and accessible than ever.

Learn more on the Mr. Cory's Cookies Twitter here.

Alina Morse

Alina Morse found a company perfect for those who enjoy a sweet treat but not the sugar intake and other problems that come from sweets. Zollipops was created from 10-year-old Alina's passion for helping her friends and following her dad's footsteps in taking products to the market.

Zollipops are lollipops that help keep teeth clean with ingredients like Stevia and Xylitol and are sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan. Alina's healthy treats have even gotten her invited to the White House (twice!) by Michelle Obama.

Learn more on the Zollipops Twitter here.

Moziah Bridges

At the age of nine, Moziah (Mo) Bridges was inspired to sell bow ties out of his love of fashion. Now at 15 years old, he has taken impressive leaps with his business and is not slowing down.

Mo's Bows has gained traction over the years through different events and appearances. Mo served as the fashion correspondent for the 2015 NBA draft and his business has made appearances on various TV shows such as Good Morning America and Shark Tank. In fact, Daymond John is serving as Mo's mentor today.

Mo even started his own charity in 2012 called "Go Mo!" which focuses on sending kids in Memphis to summer camp.

Learn more on the Mo's Bows Twitter here.

Mercer Henderson

14-year-old Mercer Henderson founded 4GirlsTech, a company that builds fun and helpful apps and donates money to social causes. The most recent app is Audiots, a sound-based emoji feature for users to play and send.

Mercer was already making "soundmojis" for her and her friends' enjoyment when the idea caught on. The best part is that 100% of the company's money goes to charities such as the SF SPCA, The Sasha Project LA and different Breast Cancer organizations.

Learn more on the Audiots Twitter here.

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