6 Tools to Help an Entrepreneur's New Business

With the ever-growing tech boom around the world, software has been at our fingertips like never before. New companies, software platforms, and software updates are being brought to life as you read this. And this is great for those entrepreneurs starting their new business.

Even if you're in a company of one, doing everything yourself is no longer necessary. In fact, it's plain foolish. Software tools are streamlining business processes to help you save money and make sure the important work gets done.

Here are six great tools you should consider for your new business, entrepreneur.

Google Drive

I'm sure I don't have to tell you this – having secure, accessible storage backup is not an option for new businesses. Google Drive is a well-known tool for making this easy.

You have access to 15 GB of photos, videos, text, designs, and more. These files can be accessed by any device – computer, phone, or tablet – by any person you give them access to for collaboration.


New software tools aren't the only important part of starting your new business. In this day and age, having a social media presence can make a huge difference in your success and customer base. This is where Hootsuite helps.

Hootsuite manages social media by scheduling posts, providing analytics, and tracking messages and mentions. Automating social media will save you critical time.

Hootsuite has different pricing plans, but it the basic necessities are available for free. New businesses can see what works best for them.


It's no secret that detailed accounting practices are critical to keep a business safe and flourishing. Keeping an accounting tool by your side, such as QuickBooks, will make the process easier and help you feel secure.

QuickBooks lets you take pictures of receipts, automate invoices, keep track of profits and losses, categorize expenses, and more. The tool has a free trial, so you can find out if it benefits your business in every possible way.


Do you need to build your business' website by scratch? No need to frantically enroll in a last-minute coding camp.

Squarespace is a simple platform for building websites and any connecting apps necessary to run a business. Customize a unique layout, sell products, connect to social media, handle shipping and ordering, and more. You can view example websites and start a free trial to see if it works for your needs.


Do you need to to stay in contact with employees, contractors, or clients around the world? Skype's features is perfect for a new business.

There are the well-known phone and video calls, and also group video calls, instant messaging, screen sharing, and more features for contacting the necessary people whenever and wherever you want.


Marketing may seem like a foreign language when starting out, and that's what tools like MailChimp live for.

MailChimp lets you build custom campaigns for all kinds of emails, keep tabs on subscribers, run ads to build audiences, and more. From there, you will keep track of detailed analytics to find out what is working and what strategies attract different audiences.

Connect with others on Facebook and Instagram. Build and connect with a large audience, and watch your platform flourish.