5 Podcasts for Any Kind of Entrepreneur

Podcasts have become a popular new medium for catching up with the latest news, learning about new topics, and hearing from experts. And it's no surprise why – podcasts are so accessible. We can listen to them in the car or while we work, and they require less motor skills than watching television or reading a book.

It may seem wild to try to encompass the career and lifestyle of an entrepreneur in a weekly podcast, but we fortunately have plenty of programs that do a great job of covering all of the stages, topics, and questions that arise on this journey. Here are five of our favorites that may be perfect for your listening ears.


If you have a passion for entrepreneurship, chances are you know the technicalities of getting a business of the ground. But entrepreneurship is a human, not only technical, experience. StartUp focuses on the human aspect of these stories.

Hosted by Alex Blumberg and Lisa Chow, follow entrepreneurs on their journey as they fundraise, pitch to investors, and build empires. Check out and learn from the missteps as well, as one founder gets fired from their own company and another product falls apart.


Powderkeg tells the unknown stories about innovation, leadership, and SaaS happening all over the place – not just in Silicon Valley. Host Matt Hunckler interviews different startup CEOs and founders and tackles tricky questions you may ask yourself throughout the process of starting a business.

How can you improve marketing? What is the best way to lead remote teams? How can you get the most out of networking? Questions like these may seem unnecessary until they smack your business right in the face.

How I Built This

How I Built This is where host Guy Raz focuses on a new entrepreneur and inventor in each episode who discusses the movement they created. The stories detail struggles, failures, insights, and ultimate triumphs of creating a new company or product.

Recent episodes have included the founders of Five Guys, TOMS, and Instacart. Learn how a person's simple interests can turn into a billion dollar company.


Serial entrepreneur Brian Clark created Unemployable to help entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants, and coaches implement the best tips and strategies when it comes to "working for yourself."

The episodes tackle topics from building daily habits that spur success to hosting a virtual conference. As the founder of eight successful businesses, Clark can probably tackle any issue that comes your way.


Mixergy is where you can hear an interview from a new expert every episode. Run by Andrew Warner, the podcast has interviewed founders of well-known products like Contently, Elite Daily, GMB Fitness, and more.

These entrepreneurs have done incredible things like build a website for million of visitors, create relationships through software, and turn an idea sketched on a napkin into a successful business. Listening to their advice may take you one step closer to accomplishing the goals you pursue, as well.

All podcasts can be found on iTunes.