5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Manage Time

When starting a new business, your time is your number one resource. You may find yourself taking meetings or calls and working at odd times, and it can take some adjusting.

One important way to make sure you adjust easily and are as healthy as ever is to focus on time management. Focusing on managing your time wisely can mean the difference between peace of mind or a very stressful start to your business journey.

Meal plan

Preparing different meals throughout the week can take up a good amount of time. One way to help manage a busy schedule is to meal plan the Sunday before.

If you're not looking to meal plan but still want to save time on meals, meal kit services like HelloFresh are available to save time on shopping for groceries and looking up recipes. Schedule your meals at a regular time regardless of how unpredictable the days may be.

Take small breaks

Once we settle in for a workday, it's easy to find ourselves working for hours and hours in front of the screen without blinking. However, working like this not only wears us out overtime, it makes us less productive in the present.

Take short breaks throughout the day instead. Five-minute breaks every 30 minutes will do. This can mean getting up to make coffee, fix meals, take a walk, or even do a quick session of yoga. Your mind and body will thank you for it. Speaking of which...

Keep alarms and reminders

In this day and age, there is no reason for letting responsibilities slip our mind. This is because technology is everywhere, and with technology comes settings for alarms, reminders, and "notes to self". There are also apps built specifically for tasks, such as Any.do.

Become best friends with your alarm clock, whether it exists on your phone or laptop. Keeping a journal on hand is nice, as well, for those who prefer a written reminder.

Cut out unnecessary meetings

A lot of meetings that take place in the business world tend to be unnecessary. Sometimes we set up a meeting when we could instead send an email, make a short phone call, or Skype.

Schedule meetings wisely when starting out as an entrepreneur. While meeting with others and networking is important, don't prioritize face-to-face time when there is critical work to do.

Prepare the night ahead

Finally, always plan for the upcoming day the night before. Evenings are for relaxing and organizing, whereas mornings are for motivating yourself for a productive, successful day. If you get things done the night before, you have a better chance of waking up at peace and ready to focus on the most important parts of your business.