Coworking Spaces — Where Should You Set up Your Work?

As an entrepreneur, it's important to put care and effort into thinking about your workspace. Whether your entrepreneurial efforts are a full-time job or a part-time freelancing gig, the atmosphere you work in can make or break your concentration, work ethic, and results.

Luckily, you have plenty of options nowadays to find the perfect workspace. Have you heard of coworking spaces? They started becoming popular in 2006, and are now used by independent businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world. Do you love working around people, or prefer quiet solitude? Do you need to separate work and home, or feel most productive on your couch?

Read more to discover your perfect workspace solution.

A coworking space

As you might guess by the name, coworking spaces are a shared workplace, where individuals are usually not employed by the same organization. Entrepreneurs and freelancers choose to set up shop in coworking spaces to avoid the solitude that often comes with working independently. Coworking spaces are not just a place of work, but also a place to build community with like-minded individuals.

A coworking space may be right for you if you fit the following description:

· You love working in an environment full of people and activity. A buzzing atmosphere helps you focus best, rather than serving as a distraction.

· At the same time, you are able to say "no" to things that may serve as a distraction, whether socializing or events. You set time to focus on work alone and set clear boundaries.

· You thrive on networking and building relationships face-to-face. Building a community is extremely important to you at this time.

· You have plans to grow your company. A coworking space will make adding members to your time an easy process.

If you are interested in finding a coworking space, you can search on Yelp, networks like LiquidSpace and WeWork, or find office locations near you on Google.

A home office

Although it's no longer the only option for an entrepreneur, there's a reason why home offices have been loved by independent workers of all kinds. Being inside your home, it's close to anything you might need in a moment and is easy to get to. Another plus is that you get to decorate the space to make it completely your own.

A home office may be right for you if you fit the following description:

· You need solitude and quiet, or at the most music or a podcast, to focus. You are unable to focus with surrounding distractions and activity.

· You may have trouble sticking to a set schedule and have a hard time saying "no" to others who come by to chat or ask for favors.

· You have a strong network and do best building your community over the phone or online, whether through social media or platforms dedicated for entrepreneurs.

A combination of both

Luckily, you don't have to pick one space to work in for the rest of your entrepreneurial career. You are allowed to choose between the days you wish to network with others, or work in quiet solitude at home. As long as you are picking what's best for your own success and learning as you go, you may find there is a new right answer everyday.