5 Activities for Kids to Build Entrepreneurial Skills

Side hustles aren't just for adults who are motivated to earn extra income outside of their full-time jobs. Side hustles are also great for kids — especially those looking for a chance to make money and be productive outside of the classroom. When it comes to building entrepreneurial skills, forget the typical methods like babysitting, dog walking, and lemonade stands. Here are five different ways to consistently simplify the lives of others and create value for them and the kid.

Food preparation and delivery 

Kids can offer to do food preparation for neighbors, especially those busy parents who struggle to find the time!

Ask for grocery lists or meal plans for the week. Purchase the food and help prepare if necessary. Preparation could include shelling walnuts, seeding pomegranates, and squeezing fresh limes. Depending on the kids age, they may not want to use knives!

This is a weekly chore that most people would prefer to cross off their list with no effort, and so helping out with food could be greatly rewarded.

Plant and garden herbs

For those kids with green thumbs and a love of the outdoors, grow organic herbs and any other plants at home and sell them to neighbors. This can include fresh basil, sage, and mint. With more experience, it could even include tomatoes, carrots, and lettuce. Gardening takes practice, but once done right it can add tremendous value. Start a small farm business!

Front yard clean-up

Lots of people need to clean up the front of their homes for when visitors arrive. This can be an easy task to do on call. Sweep walkways, doorsteps, driveways, and sidewalks in front of homes for a fresh look. Help clean up any toys or mess that might be left outside. Even help take out trash cans!

Poop scoop duty

This may not be the most fun work, but it pays! Most people will pay a lot not to have to clean up after their pets in the backyard, and it adds up fast...

All that's needed is a scooper and trash bags!

Technological expert

Everyone has a computer and other gadgets. But not everyone knows how to make their electronics run better, organize cords, or access programs. Young people are usually already considered an expert in lots of people's eyes when it comes to technology. Offer to help out as a tech professional when needed, and word will quickly get around!