4 Ways to Support Entrepreneurs

As you may already know, entrepreneurship today is alive and growing. Entrepreneurs are all around us, even though we may not recognize them. An entrepreneur could be someone who works running a consulting gig. Or they could be someone who sells items on their Etsy shop during their free time. And of course, every person who owns a business, big or small, is an entrepreneur.

No matter where you live, there are tons of small businesses around you. Some are thriving, and others are scraping to get by. So, the next time you go shopping or need a service, it may be comfortable to go to the well-known, high-profile corporation. But here are four ways you can support entrepreneurs and their businesses and make a significant impact on their bottom line.

Shop local

This is an easy one. Instead of staying familiar with the massive grocery and clothing stores near you, familiarize yourself with the independent "mom-and-pop" shops that sell the same items. You may discover a new place you love, and to be honest, plenty of these shops offer popular items at less expensive prices and higher qualities. You may also want to make a pledge not to eat at a “chain” restaurant for a month and spend time finding restaurants owned by local entrepreneurs.

Shop mindfully online

Online shopping is more popular than ever. And it's no wonder why. Both selling and purchasing items online is an easy and quick process. While there are some internet giants and fast fashion sites that come to mind, a great thing to do is take some time to research independent e-commerce companies to buy from next time you need an item. Not only would you help a small business, these sites also often have more eco-friendly and humane practices.

Attend community events

Look at the bulletin board of a local coffee shop or check out community sites like Nextdoor. There are usually a lot of events going on in our neighborhoods we don't know about...and many of these events are run, sponsored, or helped out by local small businesses. By attending these events you can make a donation to small businesses, help spread the word, or even find something to buy.

Spread the word

If you find a local business you love? Share! Follow their pages on social media. Write a kind letter to the business owner. Tell your friends about it. With so much competition, many businesses today rely on their loyal customers and word of mouth. This means a small effort on your part may make a huge difference to an entrepreneur.