Engineering Creativity

Spectacular Failure

Spectacular Failure

I’m watching a team of four kids make a model car. They just glued the axle to the bottom of the car. If that axle is glued, it can’t move and the car won’t go anywhere. It’s an obvious mistake, but it will take them a full minute to discover it. They put their car onto the test ramp, release it, and watch it go nowhere.

Engineering Creativity Enhances Entrepreneurial Mindsets for Students

How do you teach less to improve understanding? How can teachers work less and achieve more? 

Engineering Creativity answers these questions in a one or two-day workshop. In-service or pre-service teachers learn how to excite students through the application of active learning projects.

By applying what teachers learn in the Engineering Creativity workshop they transform passive students into eager learners. According to founder Dr. Ed Sobey, the program steers teachers away from the process of lecturing students on what they know, and instead engages them in creative problem-solving to drive additional learning.

“Each learning session starts off with an engineering challenge," said Ed, "We ask, 'Can you create or do something?' Then we get out of the way and let participants struggle with it. In their struggles they learn 21st century skills along with the content and they develop self confidence in their problem solving skills. Students become creative problem solvers instead of copiers of notes.”

Workshop participants range from educators who already understand their need to discover new ways to engage students in the classroom, to educators who receive an awakening for teaching strategies they've never dreamed of before. Many teachers are frustrated at the lack of interest and slow pick-up in their classes, and the program helps them learn about a better and easier way to be effective.

"Teachers can initially duplicate what we've shown them. As their skill and confidence grows they can create their own curriculum and can become as innovative as their students have," said Ed.

After attending the workshop, participants have the power and resources to implement the ideas right away in their own classrooms. The next day. 

How to Engineer Creativity and Innovation™ is based on practices that have been proven successful, and the program has taken place in over 30 countries. It can take a career to fully develop a rewarding teaching style. With this program, educators can immediately spark an entrepreneurial mindset in their students. Students will take responsibility for their learning, ask questions, seek understanding, and love the educational experience.

"This program doesn't provide a theoretical discussion teachers think about. We push teachers to take action, to change, and to do it immediately,” said Ed, "Don't try to be perfect, just get out there and try."