Improve learning outcomes by engineering student creativity into the courses you teach. Your preparation effort will be reduced and students’ understanding will increase. You teach less; they learn more.

The transformation will engender inventive and entrepreneurial mindsets in your students. They will take responsibility for their learning, ask questions, and seek understanding. And, they will love the experience as you will. This workshop encourages faculty to change their learning style, within the boundaries of their comfort… and just a bit beyond.

How to Engineer Creativity and Innovation™ is presented by Professor Ed Sobey, PhD. Professor Sobey was the founding director of the USA National Inventors Hall of Fame, cofounder of Kids Invent!, author of 31 books, science faculty for Semester at Sea (University of Virginia), and two-time Fulbright Senior Scholar. Workshops can be scheduled for one or two days. No preparation is necessary on the part of the faculty attending the workshop