Idea2Venture is a program providing participants an opportunity to accelerate their entrepreneurial journey. Ideal for all ages who are seeking a strong foundation in the execution of a product idea. Idea2Venture has six modules of skill and tool development, with a bias towards action. Four Projects are incorporated into the modules to assist in the grounding and development of the entrepreneurial mindset, the product idea, and the business model. Over the course of six sessions, participants will examine their capabilities, evaluate their idea, and select a business model to best capture the profit they are seeking.

Idea2Venture can be structured around 2-3 days or as a weekly program. The six sessions are:

Who Is the Entrepreneur?

  • Entrepreneurial Skills

  • Entrepreneurial Traits

  • The Entrepreneurial Journey

  • Project 1: Entrepreneurial Assessment

Does Your Idea Pencil?

  • Opportunity Recognition

  • Financials for Startups

Is the Market Ready for Your Idea? 

  • Idea Feasibility

  • Product Feasibility

  • Retail Feasibility

  • Project 2: Feasibility Assessment

How Will You Capture Wealth?  

  • Business Models

  • Lean Canvas

  • Project 3: Lean Canvas Map

Show Me the Money?

  • Bootstrapping a Startup

  • Venture Capital

  • Legal Structures

Can You Launch Your Dream?

  • Elevator Pitch

  • Launching Your Business

  • Project 4: Elevator Pitch