by Dr. Timothy M. Stearns

Your students can begin their entrepreneurial journey by learning the fundamental skills entrepreneurs use to navigate success. Entrepreneur Skills is a standards-based curriculum engaging students with project-based activities making the foundations of entrepreneurship easy to understand and fun to learn. The curricula includes interactive student workbooks so students can engage directly in the course material. Student workbooks come in print and on a portal.

Training: Entrepreneur Skills includes an optional two-day training for high school instructors demonstrating innovative ways to effectively teach entrepreneurship in the classroom. Leading entrepreneurship educators will illustrate and facilitate classroom use of the curricula.

CTE Integration: The Entrepreneur Skills curricula offers a supplemental program to infuse entrepreneurship learning into multiple career pathways. This includes modified units and an adapted workbook to teach students how their career skills can launch a successful journey in entrepreneurship. CTE teachers can add entrepreneurship lessons to multiple career pathways.

Topics Cover:

  • Who are Entrepreneurs?

  • Am I an Entrepreneur?

  • Entrepreneurial Concepts

  • Business Strategies

  • Market Analysis

  • Marketing Plans and Sales

  • Analyzing Finances

  • Starting Your Own Business

  • Leadership and Management

  • Entrepreneurial Skill Sets

  • Next Steps

Curricula Includes:

  • Instructional handbook

  • Interactive student workbook

  • Online delivery of course content

  • On-site training (optional)

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