idea2venture: High school summer program

Idea2Venture® is a high-impact, hands-on program designed to help you turn ideas into gold. You will work with leaders in creativity, product commercialization, entrepreneur coaching, and business model development over the course of two weeks. You will uncover the secrets of world-famous inventors and entrepreneurs through evaluation, design, and testing, so you are prepared for a business launch with the knowledge and skills learned in Idea2Venture®.

  • 10 days of hands-on learning to take your idea to business launch

  • Complete room and board

  • Day trip to Silicon Valley and a day trip to the world famous Yosemite National Park

You will arrive at I2V® ready to test the market viability of an idea by building a prototype to meet customer needs. You will experience the unique skill-building techniques that make entrepreneurs successful while preparing to launch a business. You will be able to tap into the wisdom of successful entrepreneurs and learn how they achieve success. From idea to gold! Visit our website at: