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Students learn the basic tools for entrepreneurial success by understanding the mindset of the entrepreneur, how to capture opportunity, and turn opportunity into wealth. The 18 lessons are organized around three themes:

(1) Who is the Entrepreneur?

(2) How Do Entrepreneurs Capture Opportunity?

(3) How Do Entrepreneurs Build Wealth?

By the end of the course, students will have a firm understanding of their entrepreneurial skills, how to investigate and validate a business idea, and how to design a business model to pitch to investors.

Each lesson comes with an exercise, a short quiz, lesson insights, powerpoint slides, and projects for each of the three themes. The hands-on activities provide students with a learning experience based on demonstration of entrepreneurial tools and methods.

 A comprehensive 360 page Instructors Manual is provided. The Instructor's Manuel guides the instructor through each lesson with an in-depth understanding of each concept and method.

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