Qualified teachers attend a three day workshop where they learn new hands-on teaching techniques they can use immediately in their classrooms. Teachers learn the Ingenuity methodology of engaging students and transforming content into understanding. Workshops can be scheduled by the teacher’s school or through attendance at one of our scheduled training sessions.


Ingenuity is project-based learning emphasizing 21st Century Skills: creativity, critical thinking, communications, and cooperation. Teachers learn to teach STEM by having students work in small groups to solve engaging problems with measurable results. Students must create potential solutions, build physical models, test the models, improve them (following the Fast Prototype Cycle), and report their results. In the process they improve their understanding of the science and engineering concepts as well as hone their problem-solving skills.

The Ingenuity process makes students responsible for their learning. It also frees up the teacher to teach one-on-one as learning opportunities arise. And, Ingenuity allows teachers to improve their teaching skills while accelerating student learning.


Teachers leave our Ingenuity workshop knowing how to prepare their students for the 21st century work environment and knowing 36 specific hands-on activities they can use in their classrooms. They also learn how to excite students so they want to learn.

Teachers receive digital copies of background information and student worksheets they can use in the classroom. On-line support is provided on a continuing bases for one year following training.

The effectiveness of the Ingenuity approach allows teachers to be trained in a short period of time and to start using and sharing their teaching skills immediately.



After successfully completing the three day Ingenuity workshop, teachers submit a portfolio on-line for evaluation. The portfolio will include self-assessment of classroom delivery of the Ingenuity method an a new learning activity developed by the teacher. These newly developed activities will be evaluated by current Master Teachers.

Teachers with accepted portfolios are eligible to complete an on-line final exam to demonstrate their grasp of concepts and readiness to begin training other teachers. Teachers who have successfully demonstrated their knowledge and proficiency, and who have submitted an acceptable portfolio will be certified by Entrepreneur Pathways, Inc. as Ingenuity Master Teacher Trainers.


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