Idea2Product Launches in Fresno (Video)

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) --

Of a group of students, each one might be the face of the CEO of a new startup or the creator of the latest tool in technology.

But right now, they're the faces of the students in the Idea2Project Summer Program where students like Daniella Guerra are building cars and testing their speed.

"It's great because it opens your eyes that there's so much creativity that your able to do," she said.

Idea2Product is a 10-day, hands-on program aimed at teaching students how to brainstorm ideas for a new product, create a prototype for that idea, and then market their product.

"By the time they leave here, they'll have the knowledge and confidence that when they have that brilliant idea," STEM educator Woody Sobey said. "They'll be able to take it to market."

The program includes 15 high school students who come from both Fresno Unified and the Philippines.