Designed specifically for entrepreneurs who desire the fundamental knowledge of business development. P9™ is an intensive entrepreneur nine week training program for individuals seeking to introduce a product to market, launch a business, or build greater competencies into an existing business. P9™ offers skills training in concise writing, presentation, and promotion for the development of a viable business. P9’s™ unique methods accelerate venture and idea development while building essential entrepreneurial skills. Each participant is coached throughout the nine weeks to ensure they complete a viable action plan to navigate their venture.

Week 1: P9™ Immersion

Instructors deliver a three day on-site intensive program designed to build confidence, skills, and early stage organization by way of the P9 business plan.

• The Entrepreneurial Journey • Evaluating Ideas and Business Models • Business Feasibility • Customer Profiling • Competitive Evaluation • Industry Analysis • Building a Professional Dossier • Sales Strategies • Time Management • Negotiations and Influence • Project Management   

Week 2: Competitive Strategy  

How to position the business to best achieve revenue goals. Key competitors are identified, trends in methods of competition, and methods of product distribution.

Week 3: Marketing Strategy

Developing a marketing plan to position the product and business to compete effectively. Identification of niche markets, customer segments, guerrilla marketing techniques, product branding and product positioning are covered.

Week 4: Financials

How to build pro forma statements to forecast revenues and expenses over time. Breakeven analysis and income statements.

Week 5: Capital Acquisition

Methods for obtaining funds to build a product and a business. Techniques for bootstrapping. Lending sources versus investment sources.

Week 6: Executive Summary

Pulling the plan together into a concise one page overview of the business, its products, the opportunity and the potential for success.

Week 7-9: Completion

Thirty minute video meetings with each individual who successfully completes the P9™ materials will be provided for guidance, recommendations, and referrals.