Supporting educators in building an entrepreneurial pathway

We provide educators with the tools they need to inspire students to succeed in their development of entrepreneurial skills.

Our Mission

To foster entrepreneurial behaviors to enrich the lives of individuals, institutions, and communities.


  • Middle school curricula meeting CTE standards.

  • High school curricula meeting CTE standards and "g" requirements.

  • High school and middle school teacher training for effective delivery of lessons in the classroom.

  • Community college training complete with teacher notes, PowerPoint slides, quizzes, projects, and more!

  • Printed and digital teacher handbooks and student workbooks.

  • Summer programs for high school and college students including ePathway Academy and Idea2Venture.

  • Customized workshops for faculty on the delivery of core entrepreneurship concepts.

  • Entrepreneurship Center building for campus and community engagement.

All photography provided by Jared Chambers